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다이어트 하면서 변비가 생겼다? 다이어트 한의사의 변비 솔루션!

[참고문헌] Merck Manual – Constipation Rose C, Parker A, Jefferson B, Cartmell E (September 2015). "The Characterization of Feces and Urine: A Review of the Literature to Inform Advanced Treatment Technology" (PDF). Critical Reviews in Environmental Science and Technology. 45 (17): 1827–1879. doi:10.1080/10643389.2014.1000761. PMC 4500995. PMID 26246784. WebMD Medical Reference - How Drinking Fluids Can Help You Manage Constipation colon and rectal surgery associates : Constipation Merck Manual – Constipation [저작권] 아이콘 – flaticon 음악,효과음 – 데이드림사운드